My first Blog

My first blog

A log of my inner most thoughts, dreams, desires, challenges & fears now to be public domain. What if I get Bloggers block? What about the fact that most of my more profound thoughts and ideas occur when i’m in the shower?

Perhaps I will begin with what I’m doing right now. Researching, planning, tying up loose ends. We are leaving on June 28th for High Sierra music festival and after that we leave Quincy Ca. on INDEPENDENCE day to hitchhike  to Anchorage Ak. Yes, hitchike. It’s a 7000 mile journey round trip. We’re doing it because we both love photography and we share a passion for traveling as well.  We’re going to combine the two and create a photo book titled “the lost art of hitchhiking”  When I say “we” I  am speaking of myself and my “partner in crime” Shawn Von Biela. Together we are Starfin. This is going to be a duet. I’ll blog, he’ll blog. You’ll probably hear more from me more than him but who knows, it may be surprising…

So, tell us what you’re doing this summer. We want your comments, we need them.

You’re about to follow us on an amazing journey.  This is the first of many more to come…




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7 responses to “My first Blog

  1. Best of luck. Keep safe.

  2. Jenny

    Love, love, love. May you bask in the beauty of it all.

  3. ingridjee

    waitin… yay! So proud of you!

  4. Morgan

    Yay! I’m so excited to read about your adventures!

  5. Martin

    Love the picture!!!!

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