The end is nigh…


The end is nigh…

Life as we know it is about to transform. It’s the end of the jobs we have known and loved. The end of having a safe and comfortable roof over our heads. The day of the week and what time it is will be mostly irrelevant.

Jumping in the Car or on our Bikes to get where we want to go in a matter of minutes, well that is going to be quite different as well. I’m really looking forward to being out there just us and our cameras surrounded by Rivers, Lakes, Mountains & the open road.

I yearn to sleep under the stars and wake up with the Sun. Be in places previously unknown. I want to connect with strangers, people valiant enough to pick us up on the side of the road. An entirely new echelon of trust for all of us.  Maybe it should be called the lost art of human connection…

I’m just looking forward…



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