Why the face? Sometimes I wish my life was as simple as a cows life. Spending the days grazing in the fields and soaking up the sun with nothing to worry about until the day you die. Why is it that we have to deal with more bullshit than a cow? I can’t wait to be on the road away from  the 9-5 and away from rent. Spending the days grazing north and taking photos. Cows don’t worry about tomorrow, why should I?




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5 responses to “WTF Cow

  1. A friend of mine used to say…”who has more fun than a cow?” Truer words were never spoken…I just now read about your adventures…have fun, stay safe and as someone in one of your blogs said, “share the love.”

  2. Jack von Biela

    I have always wished it was that simple???? Love, Dad

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