Remember the last thing Dorothy said to the Scarecrow? ” I think I’m going to miss you the most” That’s how I feel about you. Every time I think about leaving you, I shed another tear. I’ve been reminiscing about all of the amazing times we’ve had. Camping, long road trips, sailing, summer days spent lazing on the beach.We’ve been very close and though you’ve never said it in so many words, I know you Love me as much as I love you.

Other than the challenges facing me this week, I am excited. I’m happy, I’m anxious. I think I’m pretty much running the entire gamut of human emotions right now.

Six days. We leave in Six days! In Six days I will be leaving you and I think I’m going to miss you the most.


Life is a song – sing it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – realize it. Life is a sacrifice – offer it. Life is love – enjoy it.”

– Sai Baba


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