Here and There

Right now it seems like there is not much news to post, but at the same time there is soo much happening here to prepare for our adventure. I couldn’t really grasp how connected we have become to this town until we decided to runaway to a life on the road. There is the obvious step of dealing with all the material things we have accumulated here in Santa Barbara. From clothes to appliances everything must be sold, gifted or stored. Then there are the more emotional connections with friends, loved ones and business associates that we must somehow transform to more distant forms of communication or say goodbye.

We know and love soo many people in this town which we have come to call home, how do you say goodbye to everyone? The truth is we may never see some of them again. This may or may not be a bad thing depending on the person. All in all we will miss each and everyone of our friends here and if we don’t get to say goodbye know this. One day when the time is right our paths will meet again and that day will be beautiful.

I love you Santa Barbara.



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