Bee Free…



Spending my last few days packing up all of my clothes and shoes and little odds and ends. Boy I’m going to miss walking to my closet and picking out something to wear, actually having choices that go beyond the 7 articles of clothing I’ll have with me. At the same time I welcome having fewer choices, less laundry and not having to be concerned with what I’m going to wear today! I’m also trying to sell the last few of my possessions I’m willing to part with. It’s hard letting go of stuff. I don’t know why when really it’s just the memories attached to that stuff that we don’t want to release. We can hold on to memories. Keep them safe and sound in our minds for all time. Even coming to that conclusion, I can’t bear to part with my book collection or my Brad Nack painting. Screw it, they’re staying.

Hoping to get some time in with Family and friends before the weekend is over. The infamous and oh so eccentric Santa Barbara Solstice celebration is happening here this weekend so that’s keeping most of my friends pretty entertained. That’s all right because we have High Sierra Music Festival coming up this week so we will have plenty of time over that four days in the beautiful Quincy Mountains to just be together.  My favorite festival of the year and though the line up is not as good as last year (only my personal opinion of course) it’s still promises to be an amazing time.  Looking forward to My Morning Jacket, Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Gillian Welch.  Maybe after seeing Ween live I’ll have more to say about them.

I think we’ve decided our first stop after High Sierra. I know of a beautiful free campground there.  Guess where it is….




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3 responses to “Bee Free…

  1. livlee1

    Welcome 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  3. livlee1

    Good luck!!! 🙂

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