Two thumbs up!

Here we go! We’re finally on our way. We had an extraordinary time at High Sierra. I think we both agree Gillian Welch was our favorite. We camped with a lot of great friends and thanks to Solar B. for giving us the best camp name, “Camp somewhere else” We had a lot of fun with that. The days were hot but beautiful and by Sunday we were lazing under the shade of the pines. Tired and not looking forward to saying goodbye to so many beautiful friends.

Currently we’re in South Lake Tahoe  which means we’ve already strayed from our original plan to head back to I-5 after High Sierra. We’re taking an alternate route through Nevada to keep things interesting. That suits us.

Last night we watched the best firework display either of us has ever seen from the rooftop of a sleazy Motel. when in Rome… Later we found a nice field of wildflowers and we were able to pitch our tent beneath the trees. Our first Gypsy camp.

As beautiful as Tahoe is, we can’t wait to get on down the road, they’re not as hitchhiker friendly as we thought they would be. That’s ok. Onward and upward.




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