Goin’ our way?

Here we are in Susanville Ca. Yesterday was our first day of really being on the move and we made it about 100 miles but we left at 3:00 in the afternoon so not bad. Our first ride out of Tahoe, Ryan a traveling salesman, gave us a ride all the way to Reno. Reno was sweltering. It was challenging but we kept on smiling. We were about to give up and walk on to another spot when a beautiful family with two small kids in a truck stopped and said we could jump in the bed. It made me feel good that they felt comfortable picking us up. We only got 15 miles up the road on that one but every mile counts. We ended up on the 395 in Bordertown. If we thought Reno was bad, this took on a whole new level of hot! We sat at an intersection for what must have been close to two hours. The amazing thing about that spot, which was highly travelled, is that virtually everyone waved, smiled, gave us thumbs up and some even spoke to us and showed there support for what we’re doing. Too bad no one was goin’ our way…

As the day began to fade we realized we might have to have a plan B. We were told that the only thing within miles was a Casino across the Freeway and up a bit so we started walking. As we approached the Casino we saw an RV resort and thought maybe, just maybe they would let us pitch our tent. We heard someone yelling out to us from a gas station so we walked over and met James and Sheryl who were going all the way to Washington. Our first impression evoked some reluctance but we got in and rode with them for about 30 miles and they were incredibly nice people. A little backwoods but so kind and generous. It’s a good lesson in learning to be less judgmental. We were dropped at the Honey Lake rest area. A beautiful spot! We made a wonderful dinner (Recipe follows) and played cards in the tent until we so happily drifted off to sleep. Another valuable lesson learned last night was don’t camp in that beautiful, soft, green grass at rest stops! It looks like that because they water it! At 1:00 in the morning! That was a rude but funny awakening. After gathering our senses and our stuff we moved to a less enticing spot but none the less slept like babies.

We were on the 395 for less than 3 minutes this morning when Rodney pulled over and let us jump in the back of his truck to Susanville. We have spent the morning at Thunder joes Cafe. Susan, the owner has been more than hospitable and it’s good home cookin’ We recommend it if you’re ever passing through.

We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the people we’ve met so far. Grateful and oh so happy,



1 package aloo Pauk Tasty bites

1 handful of raw cashews

small handful of raisins

2 tblsp. Hemp seeds

2 tsps. Coconut oil

salt & pepper to taste




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2 responses to “Goin’ our way?

  1. Carolyn

    learning Learning LEARNing! yeah! So glad to hear from you. All the best, Carolyn

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