Random acts of kindness

Soo much has happened since our last post two days ago, it feels like a week has gone by. We left Susanville with Doug, a zen-like musician, who gave us a ride to Chester and the wise words “keep spreading the love”. A dip in the chilling Feather River and on to I-5, 70 miles away, but after waiting and waiting for hours in the blazing sun we went back a few miles to a campground we had seen. It turned out to be private and way too expensive with a less than friendly hostess. We used our ninja skills to sneak around to the edge of their private campground and went swimming in the refreshing waters anyway. Haha. Back on the road a guy named Squirrel, whom we randomly had ran into many times back at High Sierra, small world, took us back to Chester proper. Not long before dark Ingo, a nice guy originally from Cologne Germany, brought us to the next town of Mineral. Fact: Europeans are more open to picking up hitchhikers than Americans. Thanks Ingo and we hope you enjoy your holiday. In and out of a small campsite for the night and back on the road. It became apparent after a few hours that no one wanted to give us a ride out of the strange town of Mineral, which had the kind of feel of a horror film. With a little coercing we got a ride with the mailman 40 miles to I-5 in Red Bluff. There Bruce picked us up in his truck and drove us 30 miles north to Redding. Fate slapped us in the face when Bruce dropped us at a truck stop and we saw the two nicest people we had camped next to at High Sierra! Skylar an Matt were on there way home to Ellensburg, Wa and they somehow packed us in the car for the next 10 hour drive. Words can not express our love for your kind souls. Skylar let us stay at his house, showed us all of the coolest parts of Ellensburg, happened to be going to Seattle for a concert and gave us a ride here. Last night we met up with Suzanne’s cousin and stayed with her. Thanks Aleni! What random acts does Seattle have in store for us in the next few days?




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2 responses to “Random acts of kindness

  1. Ellie

    I am truly loving all the tales of your adventure. When I first moved to Australia from New Zealand my pessimistic father said “Ellie, you cannot rely on the kindness of strangers.” I believe the exact opposite is true. Situations arise in life where we are forced to depend on the kindness of strangers. I am so happy to see you two blessed with many random acts of kindness as you are both some of the kindest people I have ever met. Safe travels. Xo

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