Restless in Seattle…

It’s been great being in the city for a few days. Wandering around Pike place Market, A comfortable bed, a 30 degree drop in the temperature and spending time with Family that I have thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with. We’ve been cooking and eating like there’s no tomorrow. My cousin Aleni, which means “light” in Greek, made the best Tiramisu last night. We sat around the table with her two amazing children, Isabella (named after our Grandmother) and Elijah (thankfully not named after our Grandfather Herman) and laughed until we cried. Times not to be forgotten. It’s been a walk down memory lane for me to be at her house which is the house she grew up in and is now buying. It’s the only house left in our family that has been in the family since my early childhood. I can still hear the faint voices of family long gone and the boisterous laugh of my Aunt who is not at all long gone and still very boisterous. This has been a truly meaningful part of our journey so far, for me.

With all that said, I am getting restless. I’m starting to feel the space around me. I’m eager to get back on the road. We have a long way ahead of us, about 2300 miles. We’ve had some concern about the weather ahead but after some research we feel confident that we have nothing to worry about. We went to REI yesterday and bought a few necessities. An odor proof bag to keep our food in to keep the Bears away and a pair of long underwear for me. I think we’re ready. No Bears, no frostbite.

I just read this on the Bathroom wall in the Coffee shop we’re in right now in Fremont;

“Be bold and mighty and forces will come to your aid”

Loving life,




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4 responses to “Restless in Seattle…

  1. Aleni Mang

    I finally got around to signing up for your blog. You two are like no other. I cannot express enough, how much the kids and I have enjoyed our time with the both of you. I’m happy to add another cousin to my lineage. [That would be you, Shawn 😉 ].

    We are anxiously awaiting your next blog. Hugs and kisses.

  2. Ah, Seattle, my first real home away from home. Best of luck as you continue north!

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