It’s been a long two days. We spent Tuesday night in Seattle at friend’s, Chris and Ariel’s. Another cozy evening, cooking dinner and mostly playing with their new puppy, meh-meh. She is an 8 month old pup that they adopted through Salty Dog, a site that helps you adopt strays from Taiwan. We miss her already.

We immediately got a ride out of Seattle to Everett where we stood for two tedious hours. Thank you Aaron for the ride to the Rest area! Our first ride in a VW bus. Meena and Taylor then got us to Bellingham. We went to the food co-op and ate a delicious lunch, met some nice people playing music outside and ran into Josh Trembath, a friend from Santa Barbara! This trip has made us realize more than ever how small the world really is. We decided to take a little walk up to the Alternative Library, a communal house where our new friends live. A very interesting and organized and creative bunch of hippies. They were so kind and offered us a place to stay but I was anxious to get to Vancouver. Don’t be anxious Suzanne, ever. Chances are it’s going to take a lot longer to get to our destination than you expect. After many hours on the side of the road, even with Shawn’s antics, no one was biting. Almost dusk, we are tired, my feet hurt, we are hungry but we’re still smiling! Sandra, you’re a savior! She brought us to the little town of Birch Bay, just 8 miles from the border, took us to a campsite where we hunkered down for the night and were lulled to sleep by the pouring rain. A wet 2 mile walk in to town this morning and we’re off to cross that elusive border! hallelujah!

Love, Fin

*Photo is self portrait by Star



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  1. K-dizz

    My grandma has hat jesus portrait!! Hi guys!!!

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