Treks in the city

Yesterday we crossed the border into Canada, a most unfamiliar territory for us, Joseph a bloke from Belfast Ireland saw our thumbs up and gave us a ride from the border to Vancouver. We found the cheapest hostel in the city and though dark and seedy, it was extremely photogenic. We went out looking for some excitement in the city and ended up at Doolin’s Irish Pub. We effortlessly made friends with the handsome kilt sporting bartenders Tom and Bruce who liked our adventure so much they let us sample many of their fine Beers (too many). We were also lucky enough to befriend Dave, an awesome guy who is a Chef, aspiring Tattoo Artist and a self described hopeless romantic. We wish him luck in his search for Love. Without a doubt, the best part of this trip so far has been the people we’ve met.

We wandered the city taking photos and meeting friendly locals who were out taking in the night life. We woke up in a dirty hostel with fuzzy heads and the sounds of city traffic already buzzing around. Everyday is a whole new adventure on this trip, and it’s seeming difficult to shift gears so quickly from the sticks to the city. Soon we will be back in the sticks for many, many miles…

Don’t forget, their will be a guest blogger for our next blog.



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2 responses to “Treks in the city

  1. Dawn

    Miss you
    Love you
    Need more photos please…

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