As the Crow Flies…

Every hour seems like a day, every day like a week. Our days are filled with meeting so many wonderful people and seeing so many new places that it’s hard to fully comprehend what we fit in to each 24 hour period. Our time in Vancouver was spent mostly with the gracious ladies who hosted us for the weekend. We found them through, our first CS experience. Hali and Ashley and another couchsurfer visiting from Israel, Yair, took us to some beautiful places in the Vancouver area. We went for a hike and saw the magnificent water falls of Lynn Canyon and went to a beautiful beach near Horseshoe Bay. We topped the day with a stop at a local East Van eatery and we had our first experience eating Poutine! Evidently this is a favorite in Eastern Canada but it has found its way West and we were lucky enough to indulge our appetites in this most amazing of heart stopping (literally) delicacies, French fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy. I’m sure you can imagine….

We lengthened our stay in Vancouver by a day to hopefully escape the rainy weather. We left early this morning, which seems like yesterday, and spent most of the day watching the grass grow. We had high hopes when we left that we would easily make it to Kamloops, a mere 311 Km. Those hopes were quickly doused by the rain and no one wanting to stop in it. Finally at around 4:00pm, Jan, an extraordinarily kind Woman and her Dog, George, who were from Abbotsford stopped and, not only gave us a ride, but opened up her home to us for the night. We are exceedingly grateful to be out of the rain and cozy for the night. Every day a new day filled with surprises and it never ceases to amaze us how generous people can be.


Jan & George decided to give us a ride all the way to Kamloops this morning. We had a great little road-trip with them sharing intimate stories, comedies and tragedies. A strong and wonderful Woman whom we will never forget. You too, Georgie!

We are now near the 97, the road which will take us most of the way to our destination. It’s going to be long. We will find the internet when we can and keep you posted.

By the way, I know we promised a guest blogger, Apologies. We never received his post.

From Canada with Love, eh’




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7 responses to “As the Crow Flies…

  1. You guys are awesome!! Keep spreadin the love!

  2. Hey guys,
    Hope you guys made it to Anchorage! Wish you could’ve came to back to Skagway with us, I’ll be watching as you travel.

    Best wishes!


  3. Lisa

    Everytime I read your blogs I begin to cry from happiness….. Surprise surprise 😉

  4. Martin

    Did you know that you’re roughly midway between Santa Barbara and Anchorage (within a hundred miles or so)?

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