Highs and lows…

Fin “Good morning”

Star “Good morning”

Fin “we need to do a blog”

Star “yeah we do”

Fin “how are you feeling?”

Star “good”

Fin “its been 24 days on the road”

Fin “how does your body feel?”

Star “sore, my neck hurts from being in the car for three days but I also feel good about being free and being able to go and do whatever we want”

Fin “like go to the hotsprings?”

Star “yeah, Liard hotsprings was like heaven after being on the road for so many days. After making the ground our bed for so long”

Fin “my aches are gone.

So, usually when we’re on the side of the road we ‘re talking and keeping each other entertained to keep our spirits up, but when you have endless hours in the back seat of a car, to do nothing but think, did you think about anything that you want to share?”

Star “yeah I had time to think but I’ve been so tired the last few days I haven’t been thinking a lot. Seeing soo much beautifully vast wilderness and wildlife has brought up dreams of being a wild human animal back in the woods living off the land.

The last few days have been nothing but driving with Simon, our French Canadian friend who gave us our longest ride yet of 1700 Km (1000 miles)! It’s been wonderful and exhausting at the same time.”

Fin “It’s been easy to be distracted by the beauty of it all, right…

It truly is as pristine and amazing as I expected, if not more so. The Lakes, the Rivers, the Aspen Forests, the mountains. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

“Highs and lows so far?”

Star “you mean of the whole trip?”

Fin “yeah”

Star “um, lets see, I think the high point for me is the time we get to spend on the side of the road just the two of us, that’s usually when I have the time to clear my head. At the same time it can also be a low point waiting hours for a ride and wondering if anyone will stop, but sure enough the right person always comes along.”


Fin “I guess my low point was when I left my camera on the bus in Birch bay. Lol. I was really frantic”

Star “yeah, you were crying”

Fin “I know. Now though I feel like I may have reached a new low the other day when I was really homesick.”

Star “were you thinking about Frida?”

Fin “yeah, and our family and friends and Santa Barbara.

My high point? Wow, that’s a hard one because there are so many. I think maybe all of the wildlife we’ve seen. I really liked seeing the momma Moose and her baby crossing the road.”

Star “when the calf was teetering on the road side barrier with it’s legs kicking in the air just enough to make it over.”

Fin “so cute. Lol.”

“every day is a new high.”

Star “I love you”

Fin “I love you”



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4 responses to “Highs and lows…

  1. A wonderful job. Super helpful iofnrmaiton.

  2. Liane

    I’m so enjoying your adventure – what your experiencing is something I will never be able to do – yet feel part of your journey –

    thank you

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