Easy Street

For the first time on our hitchhiking adventure a car was offered to us for the weekend. Of course we both had some reservations because we love getting out there on the open road, simply relying on each other, the forces of nature and the goodwill of strangers. However, having a car at our disposal would give us a chance to see more of Alaska in the limited time we have here.We accepted the car and made a pact that we would pick up every hitchhiker going our way. And we did. We ended up picking up 7 people in all and once again each individual was unique and had a very interesting story. One guy who wasn’t even hitching but walking. A very long way. I’m glad we had the foresight to pull over and ask him if he needed a ride since he was going approx. 250 miles down the road to Homer, our eventual destination. Amos had just returned from Peru where he had been visiting a girl he had met earlier this year at the cannery they were both employed at. He was on his way back to Kodiak to spend the next 3 months working so he can get back to Peru. His was a love story.

Paying it forward is always a good thing to do. It was enlightening to realize that it doesn’t matter which side you’re on, the experience of meeting people up close and personal is the same either way. Trust being in the forefront always. And perhaps we racked up some karma points to help us on our way back.

We spent a night in Seward on a friends front lawn. We got free passes to the Marine Center and hiked up to a Glacier. Amazing!

The following day we went further South to Homer. Alaska is beautiful in the Summer time. The roads are laced with Fireweed and the clear skies open up to show off the snow fringe on every mountain top. We can only imagine how spectacular it is in the Winter.

Homer was clear and warm and photo opportunities abound. We made our way out onto the spit to spend some time with the local Fisherman at the world-renowned Salty Dawg Pub. An experience in itself.  Alive with quintessential  quirkiness. We spent the night up on the hill in a campsite with magnificent views. The next morning it was our mission to find Findlay Abbott. A friend of a friend. Through a series of inquiries we were able to phone him. Findlay was quick to invite us over to his eccentric little sea shanty on the bluffs. A life long resident of the area with time spent between Homer and Yukon Island, where his family were homesteaders, he worked as a Draftsman and an Architectural Model builder for 30 years. An intensely creative Man with a sweet spirit. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him and hope to see him again.

New friends and old friends you’re always in our thoughts as we continue to manifest our own story.



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  1. Ellie

    So happy you are both enjoying and truly LIVING up there. I love all the stories of all the kind folks you’re running into. xoxoxoxoxso

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