Rainy Day Hearts…

What do you write about when virtually all you’ve done for the last two days is watch movies and listen to the rain tap against the window pane? We can write about the movies we watched? No, I’m afraid that a Romantic Comedy starring Katherine Heigl is not really worth writing home about, so to speak. What about the movie sitting there that we didn’t watch? The one starring James Franco – now he’s worth writing about. After all, how many people can claim the epic accomplishments he has achieved academically and professionally? Few if none I would say. But whatever. He bores me.

Let’s try something else. My dream! Last night I dreamt that a Bear was chasing me. Desperately trying to get away, I jumped in a window that led me to a forest and out a window that led me in to a building. It was all very confusing and scary. In the end I lost him by hiding under a bed, a glorious bed that looked like it was made for someone of Royal descent. Yeah, I agree, not very titillating either.

How about this, last night I gathered up my partner in crime and we went looking for trouble, well not really trouble, I should say excitement.We were cruising up and down streets, not too much happening in Anchorage on a monday night, but then as fate would have it, we found a Bingo hall! Oh, the photo’s we could get! Naturally, they threw us and my camera out of there in less than Five minutes.

Still not satisfied enough to go home, we kept looking, seeking out just a sliver of exhilaration when, Turn left Baby! Bowling Alley!

I know this has probably left you all holding on to the edge of your seats, the anticipation is killing you right? Well come back tomorrow for part Deux, I have a movie to go watch, here we come James Franco.









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4 responses to “Rainy Day Hearts…

  1. lisa

    i cry every time………..

  2. sharon

    Where are you?

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