Land of the Midnight Sun

Homer, AK

Homer Spit

Yukon Territory

British Columbia


Kluane Lake



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3 responses to “Land of the Midnight Sun

  1. David

    Yeah, we had a great time in Homer. We booked a small float plane from Homer out into the sticks where we kayaked with the bears and had lunch on this island that was covered with Bald Eagles. Then we took an awesome hike where for sure I thought we were going to be eaten by a bear but we ended up at this spectacular meadow with these small meandering creeks that were just filled with salmon. Enough so that you could reach down and pick them up with your hands. Alaska is an amazing place…. wish I was back there now.

  2. David

    Spent some time in Homer and the surrounding area before working @ the co-op…. mostly at the bar on the Homer Spit [ha ha]. I loved the sign above the door to the bar, “A quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem.”

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