Somewhere over the rainbow…

Luck hasn’t offered us a ride via Boat or Plane South across the Gulf of Alaska yet, so it looks like we will be heading up North to see more of Alaska. We might go all the way to North Pole before we go south and stop in Dawson City for a drink with a human toe floating in it or maybe we’ll find a ride from a bush pilot. Who knows? We’re going back into territory we know very little about where anything could happen…



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One response to “Somewhere over the rainbow…

  1. David Montano

    I really like the first picture of the sunflowers… spectacular! Hope your travels are going well and that you have not seen too many bears! They scare the shit out of me. Had a big one sniffing around my tent when I was canoeing out in the middle of nowhere in Canada years ago and I had no idea what I was going to do if s/he decided they wanted to come in and “visit!”

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