Past and Present

Pioneer Peak view from Spring Creek Farm

Wednesday morning we made our way out of Anchorage and up to Palmer to visit our friend from Santa Barbara who is working on an Organic farm there. We arrived on the farm with a mix of Sun & Rain. We wandered through the rows of colorful Vegetables taking in the fresh Alaska air and the open space. We met the Bee lady who let us sample Honey fresh from the hive. Her Dog Boo licking up every drop that had spilled on to the ground. We helped plant the last of the Arugula seedlings of the season.

We went to a Yoga class that took place on the farm in a heated Yurt. Just what we needed. Afterwards we made roasted veggie’s and a salad big enough to feed an army. We ate most of it. The sky was beautiful that night with a nearly full moon rising over Pioneer Peak. Satisfied after a full day of fun on the farm we found our way to our tent, it was a cold and almost sleepless night but we woke to find “termination dust” on the nearby mountain peaks. That means Summer is on it’s way out.

Our first ride out of Palmer was with a Mechanic with a past, who took us much further than he was going as he told us his story. Aaron was a unique and wonderful guy. Our second ride, Valentina also went way out of her way, about 50 miles, to give us a ride all the way to Talkeetna. Valentina, a wise Woman who gave us much good advice and reminded us to always live in the present. Now we are in Talkeetna where Summer seems to be Alive & well…




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2 responses to “Past and Present

  1. Your photos are spectacular. I drove to Alaska last summer from Missouri, and it was one of the greatest trips of my life. These posts are making me remember that awesome trip! Thanks for sharing, and I can’t wait to read more about your adventure!

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