The wonder of it all…

Wonder Lake

We spent Two nights in Talkeetna, a quaint little town full of rich Alaskan history. On every house and building hangs a basket with an array of colorful flowers. It was like walking in to Summertime! The towns people consist of mostly Bush Pilots, Mountaineers and people who want the “get away from it all” Alaska experience. We got lucky and had a Beautiful Sunny day there. We camped on the Beach the second night before heading in to Denali. 85 miles in to Wonder lake. We were able to get glimpses of Wildlife on our way in. Grizzly, Caribou, Moose and Eagles. It was quite exciting to see the Grizzly’s. We picked wild blueberry’s to eat with our Oats this morning! We waited for  Mt. Mckinley to show it’s face from behind the clouds and we did get a peak. The rain was pretty relentless so we turned in early. Now heading further North to Fairbanks. What’s in store for us now…..

Fresh picked Bluberries

A peak at Mt. Mckinley

Talkeetna cabin




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4 responses to “The wonder of it all…

  1. Great to meet you both! I dig these shots, for sure. Great, subtle bursts of color. Neat. I’ve got this bookmarked & will follow.
    Craig (FL 2 AK), we met in White River

  2. Scott Foreman

    These pictures are absurdly beautiful…you two are an inspiration. Can’t wait to buy the book.

    • Scott, thank you so much. Grateful to have friends like you who keep us inspired. Thanks for following along. We miss you and Sprout! I’m wearing my Sprout shirt, it’s one of 3 shirts I brought with me 🙂
      Love to all!

  3. Ellie

    LOVING the stories and the photos just get better every time. Miss you guys but reading your blogs has certainly been highlights in my days. Much love to both of you. xoxo

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