Oh Canada

We woke up yesterday in Sunny fairbanks where we had camped on the Chena River the night before. We had a great start to our day. Our first ride was to the town of North Pole from a nice family man just getting off work at the post office. Rides were scarce in North Pole so we started walking and soon Dale, a local, picked us up in his Chevy Van. He shared his stories about growing up on his Dad’s commercial fishing boat until he dropped us in Delta Jct. We waited for a mere 2 hours and then began walking in to nothing. Rex, a lifesaver then took us all the way to Tok, about 108 miles. Rex born and raised in the Tok area and raised 10 kids himself was a kind, soft spoken Man, we enjoyed his company for that few hours. Dropped at Fast Eddy’s the local eatery in Tok we splurged on a Salad Bar. We never eat in restaurants so it was a treat. The rain was unrelenting so we decided to put on our rain gear and get back on the road, it was only 9:15pm and still a lot of light left. Not too long and four guys in a mini van stopped and in we climbed. We were about 90 miles from the Canadian border. Oh Canada, I’m fine with you making us get out of the car at the border, sending our ride away and making us sit in your little office while you went about your business. It was only1:00am, we weren’t tired. When you handed us our papers informing us we could not work or go to school here, we were not disappointed. And we have been given one month to get out, that’s plenty of time. When you didn’t care that we had to walk that dark road 3km to Beaver creek in the middle of the night “we should have thought about that before we started hitchhiking” you said. We thank you for your “concern”. We made the walk fun, we found our friends who had picked us up earlier and they gave us a warm place to sleep, brought us a beautiful breakfast this morning and it all worked out. On our way out to the road this morning we met Sid a history buff and collector of all things old. He’s been in Beaver Creek since 1965 and has built his own museum on his property. He invited us over and we happily accepted. It was like visiting a movie set. It was surreal but photographable. Today was our longest wait for a ride. Four and a half hours. Thank you Mike for stopping! Good Bye Beaver creek. Happy to be getting on down the road and looking forward to the continuation of this amazing and always surprising journey.





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8 responses to “Oh Canada

  1. thanks for cleaning to rec room (i assume it was u guys)
    cheers – Zach

    • Zach! Thanks for checking in. Yes, it was us but it was the least we could do. Thank you again for putting us up that night.
      It only took us 5 hours to get a ride out of there the next day!

      Take care.

  2. Craig

    Not only did I meet Sid at the visitor center, he sent me to his house so I could sift through a pile of junk bikes for a tire! I knew he wouldn’t take $$ so I told him to use the $20 for the museum. How do I get your emails? I’m at vwcrutch@hotmail.com. Peace, Craig (Fl 2 Ak biker)

  3. Morgan

    I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again: these photos are delicious!

  4. Beth Smith

    Great pictures! Well written & entertaining.
    Living vicariously through you!!! Be safe & ENJOY!

    • Thank you Beth! So happy you are keeping up with us. We are safe and enjoying every minute, well, maybe not every minute. The rain has been brutal at times but overall it’s been quite an adventure.
      Thank you for commenting. It means a lot to us.

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