Whales and tales…


Thursday we arrived, by ferry, at Friday Harbor, San Juan Island. We were Instantly taken in by its small town charm and the friendly folks who inhabit the island. Arriving just before dusk, on a beautiful cloudless evening, our first mission was to find a place to pitch our tent before dark. We walked toward the forested hills and found a perfect spot overlooking the harbor. We shared the woods with the many Deer who live there and the sneaky little critter who got in to our Goji berries. Awoken to a magnificent sunrise and started our day with our typical breakfast of Oats but spruced it up with wild Blackberries. We figured out a destination and stuck our thumbs out and within One minute we had a ride all the way to Lime Kiln Park. A must see if you are looking for Orcas, which we were. Their graceful Black and White tales soaring in and out of the water. They frolicked, spouted and kept the onlookers entertained. We hitchhiked all over the Island and never waited more than a few seconds for a ride. The people we met on the Island maybe the most amiable yet. Last night we ferried over to Orcas Island and once again waited only a moment for a ride that took us all the way to a campground. We slept well among the very tall trees and now we’re off to explore Orcas Island. We’ve already been invited to stay on a farm tonight. I think I Love it here.


Sea Grass

Lavender farm ~ For Morgan

You don't need a car here...

San Juan farm, from the back of a truck



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5 responses to “Whales and tales…

  1. Craig

    I took a pic of that same lighthouse from my kayak on the water when Rae & I were paddling toward an orca pod!

  2. Every time I read one of your posts and look at your pictures it makes me want to pack my bags and leave! (In the best way!)

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