Top 5

It’s always good to know the Top 5 things to do when you’re planning on visiting a new place.  Mind you, we have 5 days left on Orcas so we may add to this list…

Other than renting a Kayak, these are all free things to do and are a great way to spend your time here. It’s approximately 58 miles around the entire Island so it’s not hard to see it all by any mode of transportation. We encourage you to hitchhike as it has been the most hitchhiker friendly place we have been so far.

Top 5

1) Climb Mt. Constitution for the amazing view of Mt. Baker

2) Kayak at Sunset

3) Jump in a lake

4) Take in the multi-faceted local Art scene

5) Visit the Saturday Farmers market

view from Mt. Constitution

West Beach, Orcas

Jump in the lake from this tree

Wood carving

Orcas Farmers Market



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6 responses to “Top 5

  1. Ellie

    Love the Farmer’s Market Shot! So colorful and yummy!

  2. Amazing photos! That is one of the most fantastic trees I’ve ever seen!

  3. suesamnsam

    Sean and suzanne, the kidsand I had a great time hanging out with you. You have forever changed their minds about “dirty hippies”. All you need is love,sue

  4. Krista!

    friends! I had the pleasure of visiting Orcas Island in the Summer of 2009. It was so surreal. We saw bald eagles and plenty of dear. We swam and rowed a boat around tiny lake washington for an entire day and watched the sunset at 930 in the evening. So beautiful

  5. coleenmonroe

    That fresh produce stand made my mouth literally water. Thank you for sharing the amazing photos!

  6. Samantha

    amazing! Feels like we are there with you! ❤

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