Culture shock

Olga store

Wild Flour

Boat with Mt. Baker

We left Orcas Island with some trepidation. We spent Eight lovely days absorbing the serene and unique qualities of Island life on Orcas. Imagine no fast food chains, no Walmart, and no housing developments. Imagine beautiful old lazy farms where sheep, Goats and Horses graze with Deer. Imagine breathing air that smells of Pine and Blackberries all the time. We fell in love. We fell in love with the locals and their relaxed and trusting nature. We fell in love with the Olga store, which is presently for rent…. We fell in love with the newly opened Wild Flour Bakery, owned by Ben and Megan. Ben’s masterful and one of a kind pastries and Breads are seriously the best we’ve ever had. They are also due to give Birth to their third child at any moment. Of course we are anxious to hear when he or she arrives. Speaking of family, Shawn’s family joined us on Orcas for three days, which went by way too fast but it was a good time, as always.

We will miss you Orcas.

Now we’re back in Seattle, a bit of culture shock but we will acclimate. We woke up in the Sheraton Hotel where we had spent the night with family. We went to take advantage of the pool and Jacuzzi on the 35th floor. Completely relaxed and feeling good we got on the elevator back down and suddenly it started violently shaking like there was an earthquake or one of the cables had broken. We saw our lives flash before our eyes. It stopped, then very slowly descended to the first floor. We’re still alive!

Embracing the lingering Summer and will continue moving south.

Until next time…

Street scene



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3 responses to “Culture shock

  1. I absolutely love your posts! I love that you really get to know people in the places you visit, and build relationships. It’s really inspiring! How did you guys get started hitch-hiking?

  2. Craig

    No orca shots from Orcas Island?

    • Craig, where are you? How was Denali? We got a few Orca shots but because we’re not able to carry the really big lens you need to fully capture those images, pour shots just aren’t that good. But we loved seeing them.
      Hope you are well.
      Thank you for staying in touch!

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