Last night I felt like a real Goonie! Here in their hometown of Astoria, OR. we landed for the evening with nowhere to be and so much to see. In search of a friendly place to collect ourselves we found The Wet Dog Brew Pub where the Beer was bitter, so bitter it was appropriately called “bitter bitch”. Our Bartender was cool enough to stow our backpacks away in their kitchen while we strolled through the streets of historic Astoria with our cameras, photographing the amazing 100+-year-old Architecture. Darkness fell upon us with heavy packs and heavy eyes so in the Goonie spirit we ducked into the first yard with a for sale sign, slipping through the gate, and cozying up under the deck, thinking we were in for a quiet nights sleep. Within minutes a road construction crew pulled up about a hundred feet from our heads with bulldozers and all and there they stayed, all night long.We have had a better nights rest.

“Never say die!”


Astoria-Megler Bridge

Columbia River



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2 responses to “Goonies!

  1. Ralph Philbrick

    Guess I was too quick to be impressed with the “for sale” camping. Better luck with this system next time!

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