Dog Day Afternoon…

Along with the millions of amazing things that have happened to us on this trip, one of them is that we have met A lot of Dogs. We Love Dogs. We’ve met all kinds and just like the people, they’re all special. I wish we had a photo of every one of them. They’ve been big, small, Black, White, short & fat. Guard Dogs, Salty Dogs, rescued from Taiwan Dogs. They’ve been Loud, quiet, young & old. They’ve all been good. We’ll never forget how they have kept us safe, kept us happy, laughing and Loving. To all Dogs everywhere and the people who Love them, this Blogs for you!

Stay Dog Stay

VW Dog

Lilly & Kali

Burwash Landing Labs



Starfin= Puppy Love






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4 responses to “Dog Day Afternoon…

  1. Sameer

    loved your dog day afternoon post. I wish i was half as good as you are.

    • Hi Sameer,
      Thank you so much, what a nice comment! You are as good, just keep shooting and save your money for a better Camera, that’s all you need πŸ™‚
      Your Photos are awesome!

      Happy New Year πŸ™‚

  2. Carolyn

    Starfin = puppy love! Starfin = funky glove. Starfin = stars above. Starfin = peaceful dove. Amigos: Put on your boogie shoes; I wa-wa-wanna, wanna boogie with you. And all the dogs.

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