A shot in the dark…

Way up there....

On a recent trip down South I found myself wandering around the Santa Monica Pier. I had never been there but I’ve always wanted to go. I’ve driven by it at night and seen the Ferris wheel looming high in the sky like a colossal rainbow spacecraft. Below the hoards of people lining up to board it like it’s the mother ship.  I understand the fascination with these places but I guess I’m more of a spectator when it comes to amusement park rides. The thought of strapping myself into a large mechanical device run and maintained by people who may not remember to oil their own chains let alone the one that holds my life in it’s grasp makes me a little wary. I ate Funnel Cake and meandered through the crowds, captivated.

These are a few of the Photos….

Full Moon

Dart Lady

Santa Monica from the Pier...


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9 responses to “A shot in the dark…

  1. Wow! I’m lovin’ these photos. You guys are really talented, and you seem to be having a lot of fun with this.

    Good luck with your travels.

  2. Loving the colours in your Pacific Park picture, great capture.

  3. Thank you and I’m on my way to check out your Blog now.

  4. gorgeous photos! When I viewed the ferris wheel on my phone, it reminded me of the spines of a lionfish 🙂

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