Morro Bay Harbor

I can’t think of a better way to spend a day than leaving your daily troubles at shore and sailing out to Sea. There is always that hint of mystery and if you’re like me, you thrive on that. I often daydream about sailing around the world, of the long beautiful days on the open water, the star kissed nights. Arriving in foreign ports to simply while away the day taking in the offerings of local food, drink and culture. Anchoring in a sheltered cove sipping wine and watching the sunset, maybe skirmishing with Pirates in the Indian Ocean?  I know this conjures up images of Johnny Depp and kiera Knightley but we all know that’s not the reality.  They’re actually quite real and brutal, still to this day. Thankfully it’s rare to run into these kinds of water hazards.

Ahhh, Someday we’ll do it, (we’re always looking to crew on a Boat) but until then, we graciously accept every offer to go on board. Our recent Sail on the Stardust, built long ago by Shawn’s Grandfather and now lovingly maintained by his Uncle, was a perfect day sailing around Morro Bay

At Sea

Harbor at Sunset



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7 responses to “Stardust

  1. great poste .
    love the photos

    Please tell me your best memories and what a good memorie is to you,
    on my blog:

  2. That looks like a fantastic way to spend the day! I would love to learn to sail! You guys have great adventures!

  3. Jack

    Very nice! What a Great Day.

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