Lan Su Chinese Garden, a beautiful escape

Lan Su garden is a small oasis in the middle of old town Portland.  Lan Su meaning “Orchid awakening” and from the moment you walk through the gate, that’s exactly how you feel. The gentle meandering pathways  lead to an opulent garden full of Chinese botanicals and tranquil waterfalls. Chinese gardens are observably designed to stimulate one’s intellect and spirit while wandering in Nature.

                     You can easily spend an afternoon here with a good book or just watching the Koi in the reflective water.

Visit the Tea house, sit, relax and enjoy as you gaze out at the garden.

E.H. Wilson, noted 20th century plant hunter, referred to China as the Mother of Gardens.

“In the Chinese Garden, the solidity of stone (yang) is balanced by the softness of water (yin).  When opposites–yin yang–are in balance, there is rejuvenating qi energy. As the circulatory system of the world, water brings vital energy to the Garden and to its visitors.”

This, the last day to wish you a happy Chines new year!

The year of the Dragon!


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18 responses to “Lan Su Chinese Garden, a beautiful escape

  1. Beautiful! Orchids are living art.I miss hvanig orchids. Sure, I could have them here in my condo, but they wouldn’t last as long. I travel and they’d need to be sprayed. They go without. They’d die. Sigh.But on a positive note, I could do a LOT of orchid shopping.I love orchid shopping.

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  3. Beautiful shots of the garden that brought back memories of my time in Portland, the friends reconnected with and the serenity of the gardens ….

  4. Ingrid

    These photos are breathtaking!

  5. What a lovely post! I have never been to Portland, but this would be a peaceful place to visit.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. It was great having you. Love the name of your blog!


  6. A lovely series showing the Chinese garden. Particularly the first really gives a great idea of the garden. The play between the various elements. The trees. The lake. The reflections in the lake. And of course the Tea house. I like the way you have used light and shadows to bring the focus of the eye around the frame. Good work!

  7. Absolutely beautiful pictures — I feel like I’ve been there! Actually, Oregon is the only state in the Union that I haven’t been to .. which is so weird because it’s certainly one of the most beautiful, if everything I’ve seen & heard is to be believed. My favorite was your photo of the tree in focus with everything else blurry (and the red lanterns!!) … AND the shadow by the door. Lovely stuff!

  8. Is the garden still good in the Winter? There’s a Chinese garden in Vancouver (where I’ve moved recently) and I’m tempted to go there, but I don’t fancy paying for it if it’s no good in Winter…I just imagine the trees wont be as nice etc…

    • Dan, thanks for checking out our blog. Always great to see new faces. These shots were taken last week and it is winter. I’ve heard it’s especially beautiful when it rains. If we get any rain during our stay, we’re going back.

  9. Thanks for an Idea for my Portland to do list (=

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