We are passionate about Photography, Traveling and living our lives to the fullest. We are adventurers, vagabonds, artists & lovers.

In 2011 we set out to hitchhike from California to Alaska and back. We did! Approximately 7500 miles and many adventures, stories and photographs later, we made it back. Safe & sound. Did we throw caution to the wind? Maybe a little. A bit of reckless abandon sometimes is good for the soul. Did we have the time of our lives? Yes, So far!

We thank everyone who so faithfully followed our journey. Your words of inspiration often kept us going when times got tough

We are back in Santa Barbara at the moment and plan to stay put for a while, until the wanderlust sparks!

Happy Travels!

Shawn & Suzanne

* All images Β© 2011-2012 Starfin Photography. Please do not repost our work without first gaining written permission. Thank you!

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  2. Steve an Mere

    Hey guys! Not sure if you remember us, but we met in Eugene, OR, at the Eugene Whiteaker Hostile; we met by the super cool hut which we ended up stayin in fer a while, finishing our hike across the US, an you cooked us a delicious meal. Well, we stayed in Fairfax, CA, for a year to save up for the next leg of our trip, a bicycle tour 0f the lower 48. We are headed notrh to WA in a few weeks, then east to Maine, and would love to see you guys, hope all is well, and to hear from you soon!
    Steve an Mere nomadictemporarystructureenthusiasts.com

    • Hey! Of course we remember you! That’s great that you are still traveling. We have been home for about 8 months now. Settled in for a while. We live in Santa Barbara which is far south form where you are so I don’t think we will see you this time around but please keep us posted. Shawn manages a Bike kitchen now! we want to do a bike tour as well. As soon as he can get away. Best of luck! Keep on keepin’ on!

      Suzanne & Shawn

  3. Sometimes you just have to sit back, take a few breaths and wait to see what comes along.

  4. Wow, courage and determination was needed for that, but your trip must have enriched your world. Great to catch up with you on WordPress.

  5. Hi Shawn and Suzanne! I have given you a name check in my entry for the #capturethecolour competition being run by travelsupermarket.com. More info at: http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/capture-the-colour/

    This is my post:

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  7. Loving your photos and your blog so far! This is exactly how I want to live once I finish my studies. Thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚

  8. This is a wonderful blog! You look like you really love what you’re doing! As a WordPress photographer, I was really inspired by many of the photos on your homepage.

    • Aaron, thank you for stopping by. I’ve just been to your blog and it’s amazing. Congratulations on NPR’s backseat book club! The Photo of your Brother is really good. We’ll be checking back with your blog often πŸ™‚

  9. Considering you’re my favorite blog I couldn’t not nominate you guys! πŸ™‚ Just wanted to let you know, and thanks for sharing your adventures! If you want to check it out I nominated you here:

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  11. Hiya Shawn and Suzanne, what a pleasure to cyber hitchhike along with both of you on your adventures, which you capture so well in both words and pictures. Let me know if you’re ever in this part of the world ….

  12. Gorgeous… I like you right back. Need more time to dawdle and dwell here a while. I’ll be back…

  13. Just stumbled across your site and pleased I have.

    Happy adventuring!

  14. Hi Shawn and Suzanne! Love your blog back! I am totally with you about that sailing voyage thing…every time I hear Crosby’s “Southern Cross” I want to run to the nearest port and hitchhike somewhere…perhaps we’ll meet there…. Collette

  15. I really enjoy your blog! Thank you for checking out mine. Living in the city, your photos and and posts is like an escape. Alaska looks beautiful!

  16. Lucas Weldin

    hey guysmy name is Lucas you picked me up in a little town in alaska called cooperlanding and took me to work just wanted to say thanks hope all it well!

  17. Hey Shawn & Suzanne! Thanks for your CS message. Good to hear you’re going farming – it’ll be hard but satisfying work, and I wish you all the best!

    As for me, I’ve found a job for the winter in Whistler where I’m now living with my brother for the first time in 14 years!

    At last I’ve finished my account of the process of how my dreadlocks were removed – check it out at http://www.sparkymarkbaldwin.co.uk .

    Have a great time in Kauai, and I look forward to reading about how you get on!

    Sparky Mark B.

    • Sparky, Wow, Whistler. We can only imagine how beautiful it must be right now. we were so close to it when we were there but didn’t make it. Hope you are having a grand time. Keep us posted on your where-abouts, perhaps we will meet up again some day….


  18. Sam Anderson

    Greetings from the cellist that was making a recording in the tunnel at Golden Gardens park in Seattle. What a lovely blog! I just spent a good amount of time cruising around looking at photos and such… Really a great site you have here.

    I was wondering, do you still have the photo(s) you took of me playing in the tunnel?

    My email is samuel.a.anderson@gmail.com. Hope you get a chance to reach out. We finished the record and are compiling photos for design stuff, would love to see the ones you took if you still have them around.

    Thanks, Sam

  19. debra snow

    hey I picked you up on Hwy 20 & dropped you off in ukiah. Love your blog . nice meeting you, debra

  20. Jesse

    It was great seeing you guys in Astoria! This is Jesse from the Blue Scorcher. Safe travels Love the photo journal!

  21. Joe

    Hope you enjoyed the bed with the canoe on the top bunk, welcome back any time. Hopefully see you in San Fran.


    • Joe,
      Thank you so much for letting us stay at your place. It was great meeting you and we hope we can offer you the same some time. Do you have our contact info. regarding San Fran.?

      Shawn & Suzanne

  22. Just wanted to wish you luck on continuing your journey through Alaska and Canada. Wish I was going to Haines Junction instead of Kodiak, I could’ve used the company! Have fun camping and be safe. It was fun talking to you!

  23. Valentina

    You two are the best! I am so glade I was able to be of assistance.. Thank you for touching my life I will never for get the experiance.
    Be safe

  24. So glad we could help you guys along!! It was a pleasure to get to know you @ High Sierra and even more so on the 10 hour drive/ Ellensburg times!! :):) Love you both!

  25. Good luck on your adventures! Glad I could be a part of that today in Redding, CA.

  26. Thank you so much! We’re ready.

  27. peggisioux

    Cheering you on . . . have a safe and glorious adventure!

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