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Our favorite place…


I suppose you could have guessed that our favorite place is nature, if you can call it a place. Maybe it’s more of a consciousness? A way of being. Anyway, Santa Barbara is such a unique place geographically, which is why it’s home to so many a nature lover. We have the ocean on one side and mountains on the other, all in close proximity. It makes it so simple to get away and be intimate with nature. Whether it’s fiercely exciting waves you seek or somewhere calm and meditative, you don’t have to go far. A very short distance may feel like you’re a thousand miles away. Suddenly time stands still and with very little effort you are glancing down at the ocean from high on a mountaintop or traipsing through the woods with your awareness of natural beauty becoming cloudless and acute as all else slips away. Nature, whether it’s a place or a way of being within this chaotic world, it’s where we love to be.

Abstract nature

Lake lopez


Fly away


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In Flight

In flight

I figured since I’m only home for a few more weeks I should take advantage of the fact that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the Country and do more shooting around here. I’ve been here so long now that I have gotten a little bored with photographing it but that’s how we test our abilities and I love a good challenge. I Love all the 365 projects people are doing, it’s intriguing but also a big commitment and we plan to travel a lot this year so we may not shoot something everyday but we will try.

“Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Walking on water



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