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Aloha! Life on the farm

Monkey Pod tree

Welcome to the jungle! It’s a wet, green, teeming with life, flowery and splendid tropical jungle. We are woken every morning by the sounds of this mysterious place. It resembles being woke up by hundreds of cuckoo clocks striking Twelve at the same time. I imagine… We’ve taken to the farm quite quickly and nicely. The first day spent acquainting ourselves with the land, the other people on the farm and gathering coconuts from neighboring trees, well, I watched but Shawn got right in there. Coco’s are a staple here. There’s an abundance of them as well as Papayas, Noni, Bananas and a variety of garden vegetables. We’re eating well, that’s for sure. I was introduced to the garden by Caroline a Girl from Quebec who had WWOOF’d for quite some time, mostly in Europe. I’m so grateful for her guidance and the time we spent in the treehouse sipping coffee and eating chocolate. She left a few days ago for another Island. Another experience. We’ve spent a lot of time cleaning. We realized almost immediately that we were sharing our room with critters so that became our priority and now it seems we are pest free. It helps that we bring kitty in to our room to sleep at night. Shawn has been diligent with eliminating the little rodents from rest of the house as well, which is communal so a little more difficult since everyone has a different idea of cleanliness. We’re working on it. There are wild chickens everywhere here, wild pigs, which I had to chase out of the garden the other day and then there are the spiders the size of Kansas and centipedes 5 inches long! It’s been an extremely exciting first week. We’re actually having a pretty significant storm right now and have endured incredible amounts of rain. There are downed trees, power outages and yesterday the river on the property reached new heights. The Chickens had to be moved in a frenzy as the water rose dangerously close to their coop. We spend our days on the, we work in the mornings, me in the garden and Shawn works with the guys on finishing up the construction on the main house. We ride bikes down to the beach after work, a beautiful 3 minute ride from the farm.¬†We’ve only left the area twice and that was Saturday to hitchhike 30 miles north to a farmers market and on Sunday we went to another organic farm up the road where they had a raw food dinner. Pizza and salad, it was amazing! They played music, we danced and met some really nice people. All in all we are grateful¬†to be here, in spite of its challenges and we’re looking forward to some nicer weather so we can explore Kauai and all its glory.

A tree house on the farm, utilized by Yvette and her son Dylan

Our room from one of the gardens

Inside our room

The outhouse. NO room for modesty here.


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