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Where do we go from here?


Plane over wires

What do you do with a travel blog when you’re finished with your travels? When your days now differ significantly from the days spent wandering freely, exploring and adventuring, to abruptly searching for a job, being in a city and looking out the same damn window every day. Suddenly your nights are not spent stargazing or dancing on a beach in the tropics. Responsibilities ensue. Don’t get me wrong, with all of these changes comes the joy of being with family and friends and we’re surrounded by wonderful people who love us. These are all the things I missed the most.

I’m not saying we’ll never travel again, but for now, we’re settling in. We’re starting a garden, working, paying rent; all the typical stuff that has nothing to do with traveling.

I have grown somewhat attached to this blog and the amazing folks who have faithfully followed us on our journey over the last year; however what is it they say about a dead horse?

We’ve been back home for about a month. It has taken longer than I expected to adapt, although I am getting there. I have realized that a purpose to one’s life is what drives us. It gives our life meaning and satisfaction. Not that I’m asking you to define my purpose in life, but I am asking that you offer up your brilliant, creative, funny, dirty, I don’t care, any thoughts are great thoughts, for my next blog. I need you. It must involve photography. That’s the only rule. Give it to me!

Where do we go from here?

By the way, our book is in the making. We are so close to finishing it and we’re excited to share it with you.


Our local farm stand




Santa Barbara Mission


A house, on a street, in a town.



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Culture shock

Olga store

Wild Flour

Boat with Mt. Baker

We left Orcas Island with some trepidation. We spent Eight lovely days absorbing the serene and unique qualities of Island life on Orcas. Imagine no fast food chains, no Walmart, and no housing developments. Imagine beautiful old lazy farms where sheep, Goats and Horses graze with Deer. Imagine breathing air that smells of Pine and Blackberries all the time. We fell in love. We fell in love with the locals and their relaxed and trusting nature. We fell in love with the Olga store, which is presently for rent…. We fell in love with the newly opened Wild Flour Bakery, owned by Ben and Megan. Ben’s masterful and one of a kind pastries and Breads are seriously the best we’ve ever had. They are also due to give Birth to their third child at any moment. Of course we are anxious to hear when he or she arrives. Speaking of family, Shawn’s family joined us on Orcas for three days, which went by way too fast but it was a good time, as always.

We will miss you Orcas.

Now we’re back in Seattle, a bit of culture shock but we will acclimate. We woke up in the Sheraton Hotel where we had spent the night with family. We went to take advantage of the pool and Jacuzzi on the 35th floor. Completely relaxed and feeling good we got on the elevator back down and suddenly it started violently shaking like there was an earthquake or one of the cables had broken. We saw our lives flash before our eyes. It stopped, then very slowly descended to the first floor. We’re still alive!

Embracing the lingering Summer and will continue moving south.

Until next time…

Street scene


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Whales and tales…


Thursday we arrived, by ferry, at Friday Harbor, San Juan Island. We were Instantly taken in by its small town charm and the friendly folks who inhabit the island. Arriving just before dusk, on a beautiful cloudless evening, our first mission was to find a place to pitch our tent before dark. We walked toward the forested hills and found a perfect spot overlooking the harbor. We shared the woods with the many Deer who live there and the sneaky little critter who got in to our Goji berries. Awoken to a magnificent sunrise and started our day with our typical breakfast of Oats but spruced it up with wild Blackberries. We figured out a destination and stuck our thumbs out and within One minute we had a ride all the way to Lime Kiln Park. A must see if you are looking for Orcas, which we were. Their graceful Black and White tales soaring in and out of the water. They frolicked, spouted and kept the onlookers entertained. We hitchhiked all over the Island and never waited more than a few seconds for a ride. The people we met on the Island maybe the most amiable yet. Last night we ferried over to Orcas Island and once again waited only a moment for a ride that took us all the way to a campground. We slept well among the very tall trees and now we’re off to explore Orcas Island. We’ve already been invited to stay on a farm tonight. I think I Love it here.


Sea Grass

Lavender farm ~ For Morgan

You don't need a car here...

San Juan farm, from the back of a truck


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Urban sprawl….

Urban sprawl

What do you get when you put an Israeli, a Canadian, a Brit, a German and Two Americans in a room? A hangover.

We will be short and sweet today.

Vancouver was more than kind to us, once again. It’s been nice being free from Automobiles for the last few days. Wandering and ending up in wonderful places.

We say good-bye to the big city, to the constant hum of traffic, the piercing sound of sirens and people who won’t look you in the eye, what is with that?

We are off to the San Juan Islands, hello Nature, Whales, sleeping under the stars and the silence of pure beauty.


stark raven


sunset house



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Hope & Inspiration

We made it down the Al-Can Hwy. We survived Alaska! Actually I’m going to miss Alaska more than I ever imagined I would. We came down a slightly different route than the way we came up which put us through Western Alberta and Jasper National park. Stunningly beautiful! We considered jumping out and staying. The difficulty with being stuck in a car is that most of the time we are not able to stop along the way and take photos, which is painful for us. In spite of being in a car in which the windows were permanently safety locked, we snapped away and this post is all photos taken from the car… We’ve been told throughout this trip that we are an inspiration and we’ve been asked what inspired us to embark on this journey. I don’t know if there is one answer to that question, but most of our inspiration comes from each other. I can remember the exact moment that the idea was born and I think it stemmed from our desire to do something different. Different than what we were doing. We wanted an adventure and we wanted to co-mingle it with our creative talents.The seed was planted and it quickly took on a life of its own. I did some initial internet research and was fortunate enough to find Wade Shepard’s website http://www.vagabondjourney.com/. I encourage anyone who is traveling or about to, to check out this site. It continues to be a wealth of inspiration and information for us. There is an entire page dedicated to information on and about hitchhiking. From there it was all about preparing to go. Not looking forward and not looking back. Having the multitude of support from Family, friends and strangers is what keeps us inspired. Now, here we are in Hope, British Columbia, working our way down to the lower 48. We may be weary, in need of a shower and a clean pair of socks but there is no place I would rather be than right here, right now. What inspires you?


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