Feeling the Love

A gift from the sea

What a special day this has been! We are thrilled to be chosen by Betty Londergan for the Versatile Blogger Award. Betty is the Author of one of our favorite blogs heifer12x12 Thank you Betty!

As the proud recipient of this award we must now fulfill our duties, yes there are duties!

1♥ Select and list 15 bloggers who we nominate, these are in no particular order and we love them all!

The blonde coyote

pretty pictures

For the love of wanderlust

Annika Ruohonen

Naive Test

long time spent

Little london observationist

Collette falls on her feet

My Italian letters

Claire Atkinson photography



Nitty gritty dirt man

The lazy photographer


2♥ List 7 things about us you may not know

We love cheese

We love Bikes

We like slow food (the opposite of fast food) What is slow food?

We are not vegetarian

We were both born on the 16th

We have a vast age difference

We like Stephen Hawking

3♥ Now we must go inform the nominees.

4♥ Thank the person who nominated you. Thank you Betty!

A happy and beautiful day of Love to all of you! ♥





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13 responses to “Feeling the Love

  1. Thank you!!! I meant to stop by days ago and then….I have no idea what happened. I blame pregnancy…or that I’m overdue. Or forgetful. One of those. Anyway, I’m honored!! 🙂

  2. jameswakeling

    Congratulations. Not sure if you have come across this blog but looking through the blogs you like this might be right up your street. Its about a couples travels around Vietnam and it has some amazing photographs in it http://directionunknown.com/2012/02/14/vietnam-our-travels-south-to-north/. Hope you enjoy.

  3. This feels like a hitch after a long hike! Thanks S&S!

  4. Congratulations … and thank you! You’ve been an inspiration …. for as I travelled through Spain I kept looking for hitchhikers!!! Sadly I only found cyclists though, however, it did inspire a different way of travelling / living … so a double thank you!!
    Wonderful picture too … mesmerizing colours and shape!

  5. You guys are so great … and now I can’t wait to see YOUR top 15! (And i apologize for putting you through this!) BTW, I love Claire Atkinson, too!
    (and wow, what’s the vast age difference?? with me and my husband it’s 48 hours!) Cheers!!

  6. Wow! Shawn and Suzanne! Congratulations! I cannot always download your photos here – how spolied we are in the US where the internet is so fast and the bandwidth so big, but whenever I can I do. They are beautiful, but even more, they are like captured moments of beauty and I am taken to wherever they are….

    And I am so honored to be on the list of your 15 favorites. Thank you!

    Best wishes from Thailand,

  7. Ralph Philbrick

    Congratulations for your Blog Award — thelostartofhitchhiking deserves it!

  8. I am so touched at being one of your top 15! I’m new to blogging and I am really excited to get a bit of recongition! Thanks very much!! Now I’m going to check out some of the others! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!

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